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This Cubic Zirconia Minimalist Ring is perfect as a gift for your friends, family, or classmates about to graduate. They will definitely be moved by your intentions. Our Cubic Zirconia Minimalist Ring is simple and stylish, perfect for those who like minimalist style. This Cubic Zirconia Minimalist Ring is sure to give you a lot of outfit inspiration. Notice: Avoid wearing jewelry when doing physical tasks such as housework, gardening, or sports (especially when washing dishes) Keep jewelry away from household cleaning products, especially bleach and highly reactive solutions.


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Welcome to Letter Rings Shop

Hello, every warm one. This is a shop bringing you happiness and love. You can browse our store with anticipation. You will be amazed by our meticulous design. We have prepared various styles of Letter Rings for you. Be careful! They will dazzle your eyes.


Letter Rings have many meanings and commemorative meanings. You can send it to your girlfriend on any memorable day. Of course, it's not just a gift for all young girls. You can also gift it to mom, grandma, or even dad. You can customize the ring with meaningful letters so that the wearer can see the ring and think of you. Besides, love yourself before loving others. Quickly buy a letter ring for you who are working hard for life.


2 Things You Need to Know about Rings.

1. Why Is The Ring Worn On The Ring Finger?

The Legend of the Pulse of Love in Ancient Rome. 

According to ancient Roman legends, there is a blood vessel on the ring finger that leads directly to the heart, which is known as the vein of love. Wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger, in order to show that you put your lover in your heart, the two will have a heart-to-heart bond and will never be separated.

The Ring Finger Is Best For Wearing A Ring. 

The ring finger is the most beautiful of all fingers, both male and female. The thumb is stubby, the index finger is in a remote position, the middle finger is too thick, and the little finger feels a little thin. Only the ring finger is very suitable for wearing a ring regardless of the length or position of the finger, and no matter what style of ring is worn, it looks more slender and beautiful.

Source A Small Game. 

There is a saying that the two palms are facing each other. At this time, separate the fingers of the five teams. You will find that the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and little finger can all be separated, only the ring finger cannot be separated. Therefore, people wear the ring on the ring finger, which means that the husband and wife will be together for a lifetime and will never be separated.


2.Wearing A Ring on Each Finger Has A Different Meaning.

The first thing to know is that most of them are worn on the left hand. Because the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, the ring is usually worn on the left hand. So what does each finger represent?

Here, we first exclude the thumb, because the thumb is relatively short and thick, it is not very beautiful to wear, and it is not convenient for us to work. Let's talk about the other fingers.

The index finger represents wanting to get married, indicating unmarried, on the road to pursuing love. Wish you find Prince Charming soon!

The middle finger means that you are already in love, I wish you a sweet love!

The ring finger indicates that you are engaged or married, wishing you a happy life.

The little finger indicates celibacy. Go find your love now!

Which finger will you wear your ring on?


Letter Rings - Perfect Gift For Everyone

Maybe you're thinking about how to get your girlfriend to stop being angry. Maybe you're thinking about what birthday present to give your best friend. Maybe you're thinking about what to gift your bridesmaids. Now, your problem is solved.


Our Letter Ring was packaged in a beautiful jewelry pouch and ready forgiving. Makes a sentimental surprise for any awesome lady. They are perfect gifts for teenage girls, great Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Anniversary gifts, Wedding gifts, Engagement gifts, and Bridesmaid gifts. This alphabet ring is classic and elegant so that people of all ages can enjoy them.


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