Signet Ring, Gold Signet Ring, Oval Signet Ring, Initial Signet Ring, Gold Ring, a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, r, s, t, v, w

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These are the best, personalized, rings from about the 60s! They are new and have never been worn. They are vintage old stock so basically they were waiting around ready to be used.When you place the order please specify which size and letter you would like. All of the letters are uppercase and script.They are 14K Gold Plated. The following is a current list of what letters and sizes are available. If you are ordering a size where there is only one or two left, please message us before ordering to confirm it is still in stock. We also have a few sizes smaller than 4 in most letters, just send us a message if this is something that interests you.Shop our other signet rings here: number in parenthesis is how many we have left. The size is on the left.Letter B:Size 2.75 Size 3 Size 3.25Size 3.75Size 4Letter C:Size 4Letter D:Size 2.5Size 4Letter E:Size 4 Size 4.75 Size 5 Letter F:Size 2.75Size 3 Size 3.75Size 4Size 4.5Size 4.75Size 5Size 5.5Size 5.75Size 6Size 6.75Size 7 Letter G:Size 3.75Size 4Size 4.25Size 4.75Size 5Size 5.25Size 5.75Size 6Size 6.5Size 7Letter H:Size 3Size 3.75 Size 4Size 4.75Size 5Size 5.75Letter I:Size 3.75Size 4Letter M:Size 6.25Size 6.5Size 6.75Letter N:Size 2.75Size 3.75Size 4Size 5.25Size 5.5Letter O:Size 2.75 Size 3Size 4Size 5Size 5.5Size 5.75Letter P: Size 2.75Size 3Size 3.75Size 4Size 4.5Size 4.75Size 5Size 5.25Size 5.75Size 6 Size 6.5Size 7Letter R:Size 3.75Size 4Size 4.5Size 4.75Size 5Letter T:Size 2.5Size 2.75Size 3Size 4Size 5Letter U:Size 2.75Letter V:Size 3 Size 4 Size 4.5Letter W:Size 2.75 Size 3Size 3.75Size 4 Size 4.5Size 4.75NOTE: Because these are vintage, they can't be customized.--Shop Policies--Please be sure to read our shop policies before making your purchase. Thank you! Learn more about this item

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